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WW9 @ Widefield

Happy Monday Everybody! This week, we are heading south to Colorado Springs to play the Widefield Park Disc Golf Course. This course has been a staple of the Winter Warriors since the days of Mike & Randy as some of you will remember with a glint in your eye, others with a curse on your lips.  ;-)   
The weather looks to be wintery, but definitely playable for all of you Winter Warriors. 
This year's fundraising efforts have been tremendous and we hope the trend continues in the coming weeks. 

We have already cleared the $4500 mark and we still have 10 weeks to go, so lets keep up the momentum and clear that goal of $9k before the end of the year.

The schedule looks like this:
9 AM - Check-in (by hole 5)
10 AM - Player Meeting followed by partner draw
Tee Off - soon there after