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WW9 @ Beaver Ranch

This Saturday the Winter Warrior schedule brings us to Beaver Ranch!!!
It looks like the weather will be nice, chilly, but nice, We're hoping to play all of the holes, but we will determine that on Saturday based on the conditions (we might skip some holes that have severe old #1). All ages, sexes and ability levels are welcome and encouraged to come out and have some fun! Here are some details regarding Week 2 at Beaver Ranch:
Check-in: 8:00-9:00am at the TOP of the hill! It takes 10 min. or so to walk from the upper lot to the top of the hill. Don't plan on arriving at parking lot at 9:00 and making it to check-in on time.
Cost: $5.00 donation to play (except Season Pass Holders), (Conifer Community Park and Foothills Flyers are working together to allow us to play for free, so please thank them by picking up trash and maybe buying a season pass next season or even a Foothills Flyers tag next year) $1.00 for CTP throw (optional), $1.00 for ace pool (optional - 50% payout).
9:00am: Players' Meeting & Draw Cards 9:15am: Tee-off!!! Following the round: CTP for prizes. You can pay $1.00 at check-in for one throw and $1.00 for each additional throw. Does anybody out there have any donations for the CTP prizes? Hats? Discs? Gear? Apparel? Tickets to sporting events? Ski Lift tickets? All donations would be GREATLY appreciated. The CTP funds play a big part in the WW fundraising efforts. Please let Jeff and/or Ray know if you have items to donate.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: NO SMOKING ON THE COURSE!!! Smoking is only permitted in the parking lot or tourney central, up by the restrooms. Cars can be parked in the UPPER PARKING LOT. Please do not bring your dogs. Please make every effort to carpool.
SPECIAL THANKS to Kathy Hardyman for the sweet wooden weekly winner tags, MHDGC for the Season Pass on-line registration, Paragon for their support with the WW Long Sleeve T-Shirts for Season Pass holders as well as the Season Pass tags!
Looking forward to seeing a bunch of you Saturday morning! Bundle up and drive safe!
Remember, a WW9 Season Pass can be purchased at any WW event (via cash for $50), if you don't want to do the on-line registration. If you purchase a Season Pass, you'll get a Season Pass Schedule tag and a Long Sleeve T-Shirt.