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Winter Warriors XII - Johnny Roberts

With 6 weeks to go, we make a new year's eve trip to Johnny Roberts in Arvada. This is the final week where top 10 men and top 5 women can be paired together.
In the spirit of playing JR the way it was intended... the round will be putter only! Ladies and juniors (13 and under) will also be allowed to throw midranges.
Evertz and I walked the course yesterday. We have some surprises and some great specials planned to try and make the round a little more challenging. Say what you will about the length of the course... we're going to have some fun this week.
Checkin 8am
Meeting/start time 9am
$5 entry fee ($0 with season pass)
$5 Mulligans (optional)
$5 In round CTP (2 cash holes!)
No ace pool this week. We will have a 2nd cash CTP hole instead! The $33 carryover ace pool dollars will be back in play at Edora.