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Winter Warriors XII - Adams Hollow

Happy Thanksgiving week! Happy Adams Hollow week! I always feel like this is one of the most symbolic weeks of our season right after Thanksgiving. I, for one, am thankful for the giving nature of the disc golf community. We have raised 18000 meals so far this season and that makes a huge difference to people having a rough go. Forecast is calling for a high of 61 on Saturday. Let's break some records!

Getting into the disc golf details... This week is a sanctioned XC tier event. What does that mean to you? Not much, unless you need some points to qualify for worlds. Otherwise, it's exactly the same as always. If you have a PDGA number, please bring it. It will make my life quite a bit easier for reporting purposes. You don't have to be a PDGA member and there are NO temp fees for non-PDGA members as we're utilizing the PDGA's Competition Endowment!

Registration starts at 8am
Players meeting at 9am.
Entry Fee $5 (free with season pass)
Optional $5 for 2 mulligans (max 2 mulligans per player)
Optional $1 50/50 ace pool starting at $45 (half to the food bank)
Optional $4 for in round CTP (1 cash, 3 for prizes)
If you have any questions, please PM me on FB or email me