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Winter Warriors - Rockin' the Rails

Winter Warriors week 11, we're on the home stretch and that stretch starts in beautiful Palmer Lake, CO!

Registration starts at 9am, players meeting/tee off at 10am.

As always, bring your minis! We will have 1 mini hole in play this week.

There are only 3 weeks left in the WW season and it's time to make that final push for the top 10. For the rest of the season, top 10 overall and top 5 ladies players will no longer be allowed to draw each other as partners (or cali). Top men/ladies *can* be paired. says the snow will miss Palmer Lake and we'll have a *very* reasonable high of 33! Should be a beautiful day!

If you have any donations for the *in round* CTP holes, please bring them along! 3 holes will be for prizes, 1 hole for *cash*

Entry $5 ($0 with season pass)
Optional -
$5 - 2 mulligans
$1 ace pool
$4 in round CTP holes
Full treatment $15, $10 with a season pass.