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Winter Warriors Finale! - Camenisch Park

Week 13 - Camenisch Park Badlands/Hylands!
I can't believe it's week 13 already. The traditional Blair Witch loop doesn't exist anymore, but we have a great layout utilizing the Badlands 18, 5 Hylands holes, 2 temp holes and mini hole (of course!) for a 26 hole course that should be worthy of the grand finale. Checkin will be at the Gazebo at the top of Badlands starting at 8am, ending at 9am. Players meeting and tee off will be around 915. The random draw will be a little different this week... DON'T BE LATE!

If you have any donations for the *in round* CTP holes, please bring them along! 3 holes will be for prizes, 1 hole for *cash*. We're giving it ALL away this week.

Entry $5 ($0 with season pass)
Optional - 
$5 - 2 mulligans
$1 ace pool
$4 in round CTP holes
Full treatment $15, $10 with a season pass.