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Winter Warriors - Exposition Park

Week 12 - Exposition Park, Aurora CO!
Registration starts at 8am, players meeting/tee off at 9am.
Important things to remember this week:
1 - I'm very excited about the layout, specials and weather forecast! Be ready to have some fun.
2 - Please do not park in the small section of the parking lot in front of the rec center! The elementary school across the street is allowing us to use them for overflow parking.
3 - Don't plan to show up at 859a and register... The main lot fills quickly!
4- As always, bring your minis!

There are only 2 weeks left in the WW season and it's time to make that final push for the top 10. For the rest of the season, top 10 overall and top 5 ladies players will no longer be allowed to draw each other as partners (or cali). Top men/ladies *can* be paired.  Should be a beautiful day!
If you have any donations for the *in round* CTP holes, please bring them along! 3 holes will be for prizes, 1 hole for *cash*
Entry $5 ($0 with season pass)
Optional -
$5 - 2 mulligans
$1 ace pool
$4 in round CTP holes
Full treatment $15, $10 with a season pass.