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Winter Warriors - Big Weekend!

Big week for Winter Warriors!
Sunday's round at Widefield is a bonus round. You don't have to make that one for perfect attendance... BUT...
If you make *both* rounds this weekend, I will give you credit for one missed week earlier in the season!!! I know two events on the same weekend is a lot to ask, I'm incredibly grateful for your support!

Want to support the Food Bank of the Rockies, but can't play this weekend?!?! Don't forget the Winter Warriors tie in with Chili's @ 3625 S Monaco! From 11a-11p Chili's will donate 15% of checks to the Food Bank of the Rockies on our behalf. Just print out this flier, or have a copy of it on your phone to show the server!

Saturday - Village Green
Checkin 8am
Meeting/start time 9am
$5 entry fee ($0 with season pass)
$5 Mulligans (optional)
$4 In round CTP (Optional)
$1 Ace pool (optional, 50/50 $55 carryover!)

Sunday - Widefield makeup round!
Checkin 9am
Meeting/start time 10am
$5 entry fee ($0 with season pass)
$5 Mulligans (optional)
$4 In round CTP (Optional)
$1 Ace pool (optional)

Widefield is a sanctioned XC tier event. We are utilizing the PDGA competitive endowment program, so there are no temp fees for non-pdga players... but if you are active, you can get a head start on qualifying for worlds with some big points! All players are placed in the advanced division unless they are rated 970 or higher or are partnered with a >=970 player. Those teams will be in the OPEN division.