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Winter Warrior Kickoff!

The 9th season of Winter Warriors kicks off this Saturday, November 2nd at Deer Mountain!  It truly is an honor to be able kick this season off on a course as special as Deer Mountain.  Thank you to everybody who has purchased Season Passes and pre-registered for the event.  So excited to have 105 people playing in this kick-off event!  We couldn't ask for a better start for the fundraising effort that supports the Food Bank of the Rockies.  Seeing as this is the 9th season, the goal for funds raised this year is $9,000.  As last year $8,821 was raised, we know we can do it!  

Here is some very important information regarding the Winter Warrior 9 kick-off at Deer Mountain: IMPORTANT: If you’re currently registered and you’re unable to attend this event, please let Ray or Jeff know as soon as possible so that we can move people from the Wait List to the Player List.  

: As there is limited parking at Deer Mountain, we ask that people please carpool as much as possible.  There is a parking lot at the entrance to Mount Galbraith park about a mile away from the course which is a great place to meet up before driving up.  The parking lot is on the left off Golden Gate Canyon Rd.

: 1 mile North of Golden is Golden Gate Canyon Rd. (off Highway 93).  Go West on Golden Gate Canyon Rd. for 2.1 miles to Bear Road.  Take a right on Bear Road and go straight up hill 1 mile to parking lot.  If you're parking at Deer Mtn., park on the right side of the road below the parking sign and there is parking available above the bridge hole.  

  • Keep in mind that it takes about 10-15 min. to walk from parking to the barn for check-in.
  • Please only attend this event if you're pre-registered or on the wait list.
  • Due to the rugged nature of this course, pants and hiking shoes/boots are highly recommended.  Also, if walking on rugged terrain is challenging for you, you may want to bring a walking pole/stick.  Be sure to bring a water bottle.  
  • No dogs allowed for this event.
  • Please bring a few extra bucks for the CTP and Ace Pool!  
  • We're always very appreciative of CTP donations as the CTP is an important part of the fundraising effort.  Make a donation and get a free CTP throw!  
  • Any questions, please e-mail, PM or Facebook message Ray or Jeff.  
SCHEDULE:  8:00am - 9:00am: Check-In at the Barn (please be on time!)9:00am - 9:30am: Players' Meeting & Random Draw9:30am - 9:45am: Walk to Tees9:45am: Shotgun Start!  After the round:  CTP for prizes!  $1 per throw, as many throws as you want & multiple payouts.  Let's have some fun and raise some serious funds for the Food Bank of the Rockies!  Looking forward to seeing you all at Winter Warriors on Saturday!  This is going to be an amazing season!  Thank you so much for your support!