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Time for Chicken Chuckin'!!

It's that time of year again. When the flowers are blooming, the hay fever is in full swing and Chad makes
his pilgrimage out to Bird's Nest with his band of chickens. This of course means its time for RODNOC. This "tournament" embodies everything that is just straight up fun about disc golf. You have some heckling, some odd shots and lots of chickens to throw. RODNOC features some of the silliest holes in disc golf played on a course that is fun for any type of player.

RODNOC was one of the first events that I played and it got me hooked in to the disc golf community. If you want a laid back, super fun time where your cheeks hurt from laughing, then sign up for RODNOC. We will use the funds raised this year for some Bird's Nest improvements. 

If you want want to have the most fun imaginable while playing disc golf sign up for RODNOC.

Watch the video and see for yourself!