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The Push for 1,000,000 Meals!

Welcome to the 2019 Mile High Disc Golf Ice Bowl!!!

It's time once again for the Mile High Disc Golf Club Ice Bowl, where we all throw discs in the cold so others don't have to go hungry. All money raised and food collected will benefit the Food Bank of the Rockies. All players will receive a custom stamped 2019 Ice Bowl disc and a set of the popular "nested" Ice Bowl minis. This will be our 16th year holding this event, and we have totaled nearly $225,000 for the Food Bank of the Rockies. In fact, seven out of the last eight years, our club, its member, and all of our supporters have raised THE MOST money in the country for our chosen charity. Last year alone, there were 215 Ice Bowl events held, so that is down right incredible!

We hope this year will be a very special year. The Mile High Disc Golf Club will be shooting for an amount that will be enough to raise a banner (ok, it's now a plaque), that will celebrate the club raising over a quarter of a million dollars for the Food Bank. That means, 1,000,000 meals for the hungry. Yes, are reading this correctly. ONE MILLION MEALS!!!!  If we can bear down this year and raise enough money to bring our total to an overall $250,000, MHDGC will have a plaque on the wall of the Food Bank, along with the likes of Walmart, Kroger Foods, Safeway, Gates and the Boetcher Foundation and other multi million dollar companies and entities. Let's make that happen! Ultimately it's not about the banner (or the plaque) of course. It's about getting food to the one's that need it most. So let's step it up everyone and make this the best year yet.

Register Early for Bonus Mulligans!

Sign up by Nov 30th and receive 10 free mulligans!

The Mile High Disc Golf Club presented the Food Bank of the Rockies with a check for $31,177 in April of 2018. Once again, being the TOP money raising Ice Bowl event in the country and the world. Without the Winter Warrior Series, the support of all our club members and their families and friends, this never would have been possible.

For 2019, we will again be playing at the Fehringer Ranch disc golf course. A big thank you to the Foothills Park and Recreation District, for allowing us to use the course without a charge; holes that can be reached by many and mulligans that can be used for that long 45ft birdie putt. As in years gone by, you will be able to collect mulligans in a variety of ways to help lower your score, or perhaps give yourself a do over on that 6 foot putt you missed because your fingers were frozen. Michelle, Adam and I promise to make this a memorable event for all who come out to play. We are expecting this event to fill, so sign up early and don't take a chance on being left out!!

All money raised will put food in the mouths of the hungry!

The Mulligan Equation
Here are the 5 easy ways to collect mulligans:

  1. You get five mulligans just for signing up to play in the Ice Bowl
  2. If you sign up by Nov 30th, you will get 10 extra mulligans! If you sign up after Nov 30th, but by Dec 15th, you will get an extra 5 mulligans and if you sign up after Dec 15th, but before Jan 1st, you will get an extra 3 mulligans
  3. Every Winter Warrior weekend you attend, you will get one mulligan
  4. For every $25 you collect in donations you will receive another 3 mulligans
  5. Of course, you can purchase mulligans at the event for $5 a piece or 5 for $20.

Let's say you attend 10 winter warrior events, you signed up to play the Ice Bowl on November 8th, and you hit up your family and coworkers for $100 in donations. Poof! 32 mulligans!

Every $1 raised is enough to supply 4 meals for those in need!!!!!

The Raffle
We will also be holding a raffle for everything from Ice Bowl merchandise and clothes (shirts/hats) to Rockies Bobbleheads to toys for the kids. The cost of raffle tickets is $5 for one and $20 for 5 tickets.  You will also receive one raffle ticket for each $25 in donations or 5 for each $100 in donations you bring in.  You must be present to win the Raffle. Our "GRAND PRIZE" this year will again be a full size, Discatcher Basket, Yellow band, portable with the cast iron base plate, and the number 2018 on it. Don't miss out on the chance to win this!

The Silent Auction

As in years past, we will have many different and diverse items available during the silent auction part of our day. Things you might see at the auction could be classic discs, perhaps a disc or two autographed by some of your favorite disc golfers. You might find tickets to a sporting event, or a priority registration for one or two of our most popular Mile High golf events. To be honest, one just never knows what type of surprises you might find at the auction.
The Mile High Member Challenge

We are a club of over 600 people this year, up and down the Front Range. Most of us know where our next meal is coming from; many do not. We challenge each and every one of the Mile High Disc Golf Club members to bring in at least $100. Think about it...a hundred bucks. It's that simple!  We have coworkers, we have friends, we have neighbors and we have family.  Please speak to them, let them know about our efforts in the fight to end hunger.  Many of them will be willing to donate $5, $10 or even $20 when you let them know how far their donations and generosity can go.

$100 dollars in donations. Easy to do if you put your mind to it!!!

Remember - Every $1 raised provides 4 meals to those in need!

So sign up now!! and get those extra mulligans. But more importantly -

Lets get out there and help feed the hungry!

Thank you, EVERYONE

Michelle, Adam and Jay