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Spring Fling is Nigh!

It's that volatile weather time of year here again that we lovingly refer to as sprinter... or is it wintring? Either way, that means Spring Fling is nigh!!
The Sonderfan household can barely get through our front door these days with boxes piled up in our foyer and some more yet to arrive. I'm sure the Kamm/Ni household is also nearly buried in things to divvy out to the players.
With all these exciting things going on, time for a few reminders!

Refunds will be given at 100% up until April 4, 2014.  A refund of 50% plus player's pack will be given up until April 9, 2014.  No refunds will be issued after April 9!

If you registered for the event prior to renewing your PDGA membership and want to get your $10 back, then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get your renewal submitted this week. Please also bring the confirmation email with you to the tournament if you submit your renewal prior to check-in. Thanks!

Also, we'll have the Oskar Blues Bonewagon down for lunch on Saturday, and Fat Daddy's BBQ, LLC on Sunday! Please bring some extra cash (if you're not expecting a bonus $10 back, like Kyle Harrigan!) to purchase lunch or extras for your lunch.