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RMWDGC...Caddies and Sponsors

Caddies Needed

We are about 20 caddies behind where we need to be for the current RMWDGC registration.  Being a caddy at the RMWDGC is an amazing experience.  Please do not miss out!   Caddies can sign up to serve when making a $25.00 donation to the tournament.  Caddies will receive a “Caddy Pack” including at least a tournament shirt, tournament stamped disc, and lunch the day(s) of the tournament.  Sign up to be a caddy here:

Caddies will also be able to play both CHU and the temporary course at Ruby Hill on the practice days leading up to the event (Thursday, Sept 12 and Friday, Sept 13).  A Caddy-only random draw doubles round will be held the Friday before the event at the temp course at Ruby Hill Park concurrent with the women’s-only doubles round at CHU (September 13).

Tee Sign Sponsors
$100.00 gets another awesome full color tee sign that you can take with you after the event.  The support received from tee sign sponsors has been a huge reason for the continued success of the RMWDGC.  Sign up as a tee sign sponsor through the event registration page here

Pink Basket Sponsors
Many of you may have heard rumors about the pink baskets that will be used for the RMWDGC temp course set up at Ruby Hill. It is now official. The baskets have been ordered and will be arriving soon. The baskets will be DGA Mach IIIs with the portable wheeled base and a number plate. Check out this page for more details.

These will be the first powder-coated Mach IIIs with the new T2 Trapper Basket. The hanger, the basket and the number plate will all be powder-coated in pink. The baskets will have a custom weather-proof sticker on the number plate indicating that the baskets are for the 3rd Annual RMWDGC, the number of the hole, and the sponsor of the basket.

The cost of sponsoring a basket is $500.00. The cool thing about this sponsorship is that you get the basket as soon as the tourney is over! These baskets retail for $430.00 before shipping or powder-coating. If you are in the market for one of the best portable baskets on the market...this is a great opportunity to own one!

There will only be 18 of these baskets made. 8 or 9 have already been spoken for. If you are interested in being a basket sponsor, please sign up and pay on the tournament registration page here.

When signing up, please choose the "Pink Mach III Basket Sponsor" for your division.

If there is a certain basket number you are interested in, please indicate that in the notes section on the registration page. We will do our best to get the number you request. I will contact each sponsor about artwork specs by the end of July.

Ruby Hill is going to look spectacular with 18 pink Mach IIIs on it!