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Registration for the Team Neapolitan Grudge Match is now open!

Registration now for the Team Neapolitan Grudge Match 

The TNGM is a fundraiser event for the Rocky Mountain Women's Disc Golf Championship and the Mile High Classic.  Four teams headed up by Dave Straight, David Nunez, Camden Farmer and the El Presidente himself Ray Woodruff will battle it out at Interlocken park.  Each team's players will battle people of similar skill level for points.  The winning team will get priority registration for the Mile High Classic (last year we filled in under 2 hours) and a custom bag tag proclaiming your dominance!  
The field will be limited to 48 people so be ready to sign up fast.

Each team will receive a custom laminated bag tag with their teams logo similar to Team Rayvolutions last year.

We have also reserved the pavilion and BBQ pits so bring your grills and BBQ stuff to feast the winners or console the defeated!