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Priority Registration is Open for the 2016 POMHC

***2016 Peak One Mile High Classic****

Time to get some players signed up for this party.

If your name follows, please read carefully. YOU HAVE EARNED PRIORITY ENTRY TO THIS YEAR'S EVENT. You will need to register for the wait list. Once you are registered, I will release you. You will receive an email at the address you used to register. In that email is a link that can only be used by you, and can only be used once. YOU HAVE 24 HOURS FROM RECEIPT OF EMAIL TO REGISTER. If anyone who is not on this list tries to register now, you will be publicly frolfed. :-) Tag em if you can.

Leonard Miller 
Jeff McCormack
Sean Case
Lennie Bottorff
Daniel Jones
Jeffrey Evertz
Dane Volkel
John Seng
Lane Brewer
Eric Svee 
Shawn Sampi Bullard
David Volkel 
Haili Holub
Josh Kreutzer
John Anthony Gadd
Ryan Clibon

Christophe Sautner
Bonnie Huggins
Jamie Simino

Spencer Caldwell
Andrew Harris
Charles Lawson

2015 Volunteers
Lance Trott
Scott Osterhoudt
Shawn Sullivan 
Travis Stowell
Carl Klein
Mike Oliveros
John Carson
Steve Howes
Edward Timothy Heenan
Mike Bibby - Matt Bibby can you help me out here?
Jay Burghardt
Chelle Shock
Scott Thomas 
Erikah Weir
Chris White
Brett Rosso
Scott Taylor
Tom Hamilton
Benjamin Fairley
Manuel Trujillo

As a thank you for your time and commitment, all current Mile High Disc Golf Club Board Members also receive priority entry.

Last but not least - Last year's Champions also get priority entry.

Advanced Men - Evan Jones
Advanced Women - Erikah Weir
Am Masters - Justin Hoxie
Am Masters Women - Chelle Shock
Intermediate Men - Matthew Budenholzer
Intermediate Women - Angelina Videtto
Rec Men - Benjamin Phillips - Entry paid, just need you to sign up on the wait list
Rec Women - Chevy Wernsmann

Open - Joe Rovere
Pro Women - McKayla Thomas
Pro Grandmaster - Jay Burghardt