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MHDGC Elections!

It is yet again that exciting time of year where we get to hold elections for board members for the club!

The board members give their time every month to ensure the club runs smoothly. Being a board member simply means you are willing to give a little bit of your time and effort to making sure we keep making disc golf in Colorado better every year. The board meets once a month for approximately 2 hours in the evening, and we require regular attendance at the meetings (with a few allowed pre-stated absences). We expect board members to contribute ideas and help run tournaments and other club-related events. We also expect board members to conduct themselves professionally and remember that you are an ambassador for the club and the awesome silly sport we all love. Detailed Board Member requirements and expectations can be found here.

The current board consists of:
John Bird
Jay Burghardt (Secretary)
Camden Farmer
Chad Francis
Tom Hamilton*
Ken Hughes* (Treasurer)
Rob Liebman
Marsha Sonderfan (Vice President)
Mike Storrs
David Straight

Ray Woodruff* (President)

We have three three-year terms expiring this year, marked with asterisks above. Additionally, John Bird is resigning from the board, so there will be one one-year term available as well. We can't express how much John has done in establishing and growing this club. He has dedicated countless hours in service to MHDGC, and we are grateful for his leadership and guidance over the years. Thanks John, and we hope to see you playing more now!

The board may also nominate current board members to retain positions. The board has nominated Ray Woodruff to retain his position on the board.

Tom and Ken have both elected to not continue serving on the board. We owe much gratitude to these two for the leadership and direction they've given the club over the last few years. Ken has graciously offered to continue his treasurer duties as a non-voting board member if we are unable to find someone qualified. We hope to see you both playing more now, too!

Nomination forms are available here. All nominees for board positions must be current members of the club in good standing, and must have been a member for at least one year. Nominations must be signed by five current members of the club, and may be submitted to any current board member or mailed to: Mile High Disc Golf Club PO BOX 701 Arvada, CO 80001 All nominations must be received by the board before the next board meeting - November 12 at 6pm. Nominations must be accepted by the nominee. The board will contact all nominees prior to opening online voting (if necessary).

Elections will be held online if necessary, with voting open for at least 7 days (details to be determined at November board meeting). Information will be emailed to all current Mile High members for whom we have a valid email address. For those who have not voted online, paper ballots will be available at the annual club meeting on December 14. An official members meeting will take place, and election results will be announced at the annual members meeting. More details to come about the members' meeting.

If you have any questions, comments, or would like more information, please contact Marsha Sonderfan through the forums (marshief) or through msonderfan at mhdgc dot org.